We are delighted to announce that the team have been working hard to convert our Give us a break! Initial Facilitator training into a virtual training.  The training is now live and involves some independent Learn Online, a live webinar on solution focused approaches and a further live interaction session with two Give us a break! trainers.  If you are interested in training to facilitate Give us a break! groups, you must work within an organisation that works directly with children and young people in upper primary and secondary school.  The organisation must also have clear child protection procedures in place.  If this relates to you, please see the training section for further information to access training or get in touch to find out more at enquiries@slcpsych.org.uk

To run a Give us a break! group, you need to complete all components of our virtual initial facilitator training as mentioned above.

It is important to consider the following questions before signing up for a Give us a Break course:

Am I operating within an organisation which has a clear child protection policy?

Do I have agreement and support from my head teacher or line manager?

Does my current work remit allow me to work with groups of young people experiencing bereavement, loss or significant change?

Do I have time to commit to engaging young people, preparing materials from the Give us a Break pack and running a group for 8 weeks?


If the answer to all of the above questions is ‘yes’ then you would be an ideal facilitator for Give us a Break

The training will include the following topics:

Introduction to solution focused working and using this in the Give us a break! group

Introduction and background to Give us a break!

Bereavement and loss in children and young people

Pack orientation: practicalities, including evaluation

Programme folder with lesson plans, complementary notes and resource materials

‘Strength Cards’

Introductory leaflet and parent/carers’ booklet



Evaluation forms


An electronic version of the programme, leaflets and evaluation forms are available for virtual training.