Give us a break! Plus

GUAB Plus is an additional guide for trained GUAB Facilitators to use to support children and young people with a range of additional support needs or who are younger developmentally.  It can be used in isolation with a group, or it can be used to compliment the existing GUAB materials. It can be used flexibly to meet the individual needs of pupils within a group.  Within GUAB Plus the resources are more visual, with a reduction in cognitive and literacy demands.

GUAB Plus can be used with primary and secondary aged pupils who are continuing to struggle with issues of negative loss and change.  The guide is divided into Phases with a notional time allocated to each to enable facilitators more flexibility in the delivery of the content in response to the needs of the group.  Shorter, more frequent sessions may be required for pupils with Additional Support Needs and GUAB Plus aims to meet this need.  The GUAB Plus resource bank is online, via the GUAB website (please note a Facilitator log in for the website will be required to access these materials)

GUAB groups are always delivered by two trained GUAB Facilitators. Only trained Facilitators will deliver the GUAB Plus programme. Facilitators will need to have undertaken the Initial Facilitator Training delivered by the GUAB team.  As with the original GUAB programme, Facilitators must be working within an organisation that has clear Child Protection guidelines and must have managers approval to attend the training and deliver GUAB groups.

The five phases of GUAB Plus are:

Getting to know you

Understanding feelings

Loss and change

Coping strategies

Celebration and consolidation