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I love you sunshine
Beyond the rough rock
The little flower bulb
Red chocolate elephant
Luna's red hat
Badgers Parting Gifts

I love you sunshine  or from Amazon


I Love You, Sunshine is an illustrated chapter book which tells the story of how one dad takes his own life and how it affects his eight year old daughter, Milly, and the rest of her family. It is a story of bereavement but it is also a story of love. It is intended as a way for all those families, bereaved by suicide, to know that they are not alone; to build resilience through understanding; and to help take small emotional steps forwards.

Beyond the Rough Rock


Explaining to a child that someone has died by suicide is possibly one of the most difficult situations that a parent or carer might ever face.  This specialist book offers practical advice for families in the immediate days and weeks following a death by suicide.

The Little Flower Bulb


The Little Flower Bulb tells the story of Jamie, his mom, and his twin sisters, and of how Jamie comes to deal with the death of his father. Suitable for children aged 3-10, this beautifully illustrated book will be helpful for parents when talking to children bereaved by the suicide of a close relative.

‘Red Chocolate Elephant’ Book and DVD for children bereaved by suicide


Children’s writing and drawings of their experiences of bereavement by suicide. Provides adults with the understanding and assistance to support primary school-aged children experiencing the death of a family member to suicide. It is not intended for children to read on their own, but as an assisted reading activity with an adult, reading a few pages and taking the time to explore concerns. Provides a sensitive and appropriate means of engaging with children around the difficult question of death through suicide.

Luna’s Red Hat – an illustrated story book to help children to cope with loss and suicide

Luna’s Red Hat: An Illustrated Storybook to Help Children Cope with Loss and Suicide eBook : Smid, Emmi, Smid, Emmi, Fiddelaers-Jaspers, Dr Riet: Kindle Store


It is a beautiful spring day, and Luna is having a picnic in the park with her family, wearing her Mum’s red hat. Luna’s Mum died one year ago and she still finds it difficult to understand why. She feels that it may have been her fault and worries that her Dad might leave her in the same way. Her Dad talks to her to explain what happened and together they think about all the happy memories they have of Mum.

Badger’s Parting Gifts : Badger’s parting gifts

When Badger dies, his friends are very sad, but one by one, they recall the special things he gave them during his lifetime. Now 35 years old, Badger’s Parting Gifts has been used by countless families experiencing bereavement to help talk about their feelings.

Always and Forever
Still here with me
when someone very special dies
I miss my sister
Someone I know has died

Always and Forever

Always and Forever by Alan Durant ( and Amazon


When Fox dies, Mole, Hare, and Otter are devastated. They feel they will never get over their great sadness. How can life go on without him? Then one day Squirrel comes to visit. She reminds Fox’s family of all the funny things he used to do. And as the friends share dinner and tell stories, they realize at last that in their hearts and memories, Fox is still with them, and he will be–always and forever.

Still here with me

Still Here With Me : Suzanne Sjöqvist : 9781843105015 : Blackwell’s (


This book is a moving and thoughtful anthology of the experiences of thirty-one children and teenagers who have lost a parent.  In their own words, children and young people of a variety of ages talk openly and honestly about losing their mother or father. They describe feelings of pain, loss and anger, the struggle to cope with the embarrassed reactions and silence of others, and the difficulties involved in rebuilding their lives. They also share happy and loving memories of their parents and talk about the importance of remembering while learning to accept their parent’s death.

When someone very special dies: children can learn to cope with grief

WHEN SOMEONE VERY SPECIAL DIES: Children Can Learn to Cope with Grief (Drawing Out Feelings): HEEGAARD, MARGE: 9780962050206: Books


A workbook to help children work out feelings about death. Heegaard provides a practical format for allowing children to understand the concept of death and develop coping skills for life. Children, with the supervision of an adult, are invited to illustrate and personalise their loss through art. When Someone Very Special Dies encourages the child to identify support systems and personal strengths.

I miss my sister

I Miss My Sister book | Child Bereavement UK


A story book for children ages 4-10 with expressive and colourful illustrations to help guide children through the range of emotions they may experience over time, following the death of a sibling.

Someone I know has died

Someone I Know Has Died by Phillips, Trish (9780952166139) | BrownsBfS

This is an innovative activity book with many unusual and interactive features, written for bereaved children to help them understand what it means when someone dies and to explore their thoughts and feelings with an adult. Although designed with pre-school and early years age groups in minds, some older children may also enjoy this book.


Remembering book | Child Bereavement UK


A memory/keepsake book for bereaved children for when someone special in their life has died, illustrated with watercolours by Daniel Postgate and written by Dianne Leutner. “Remembering” is a beautiful memory/keepsake book for children when someone special in their life has died.

water bugs and dragonflies
Finding a way though when someone close has died
Is daddy coming back in a minute
What happened to daddy's body
Dinosaurs divorce
Mum and dad glue

Waterbugs and dragonflies: explaining death to young children

Waterbugs and Dragonflies by Doris Stickney | Waterstones and Amazon


How can we answer the many questions young children have about death? Looking for a meaningful way to explain to neighbourhood children the death of a five-year-old friend, Doris Stickney adapted the graceful fable about the waterbug that changed into a dragonfly. 

Finding a way through when someone close has died

Finding a Way Through When Someone Close has Died: What it Feels Like and What You Can Do to Help Yourself: A Workbook by Young People for Young People: Pat Mood and Lesley Whittaker: 9781853029202: Books

Written by children for children, this unique workbook is both written and illustrated by children and teenagers who have experienced the death of someone close to them – a parent, grandparent, sibling or friend. They describe their often-confusing thoughts and emotions immediately after the bereavement and discuss how their day-to-day lives were affected, including such diverse issues as the reactions of those around them, practical changes and managing school and schoolwork. 

Is daddy coming back in a minute?  Explaining sudden death to pre-school children in words they can understand

Is Daddy Coming Back in a Minute?: Explaining (sudden) death in words very young children can understand: Elke Barber and Alex Barber: 0884108132340: Books


This book explains (sudden) death to very young children in a way they can understand for their age and stage of development. It is based on our true story.  A book for pre-school children to explain sudden death.

What happened to Daddy’s body?

What Happened to Daddy’s Body?: Explaining what happens after death in words very young children can understand: Elke Barber and Alex Barber: 9781785921070: Books


This picture book aims to help children aged 3+ to understand what happens to the body after someone has died. Through telling the true story of what happened to his daddy’s body, we follow Alex as he learns about cremation, burial and spreading ashes. Full of questions written in Alex’s own words, and with the gentle, sensitive and honest answers of his mother, this story will reassure any young child who might be confused about death and what happens afterwards. It also reiterates the message that when you have experienced the loss of a loved one, it is okay to be sad, but it is okay to be happy, too.

Dinosaurs divorce

Dinosaurs Divorce: A Guide for Changing Families (Dino Tales: Life Guides for Families): Brown, Laurie Krasny, Brown, Marc: 9780316109963: Books


A comprehensive, sensitive guide for changing families, Dinosaurs Divorce helps readers understand what divorce means, why it happens, and how to best cope with everyone’s feelings.  Topics covered in the book include: Divorce Words and What They Mean * Why Parents Divorce * After the Divorce * Living with One Parent * Visiting Your Parent * Having Two Homes * Celebrating Holidays and Special Occasions * Telling Your Friends * Meeting Parents’ New Friends * Living with Stepparents * Having Stepsiblings

Mum and dad glue

Mum and Dad Glue: Gray, Kes, Wildish, Lee: 8601404288333: Books


A story book for children that explores separation and love.  A little boy tries to find a pot of parent glue to stick his mum and dad back together. His parents have come undone and he wants to mend their marriage, stick their smiles back on and make them better. But, as he learns, even though his parents’ relationship may be broken, their love for him is not.

My mom and dad don't live together anymore
The death of a child
Farewell my child
Talking about death
Grief in children
Hope beyond the headlines

My mom and dad don’t live together anymore:  a drawing book for children of separated or divorced parents

My Mom and Dad Don’t Live Together Anymore: A Drawing Book for Children of Separated or Divorced Parents: Judith Aaron Rubin: 9781557988355: Books


Drawing is an effective means for children to express their thoughts and feelings, helping them cope with, work through, and resolve the issues they are experiencing regarding the break-up of their family and all the ensuing changes. The entries are open-ended, and each page allows the child to express his or her honest feelings, thoughts, and experiences.

The death of a child: a book for families

The Death of a Child: A Book for Families : Wilkinson, Tessa, Rowe, G., Dominica, Sister Frances: Books


A two-part book that aims to help both adults and children to cope with the death of a child. Part one contains practical, helpful and experienced advice for adults. Part two is a picture story, simply written, which can be read and shared with children.

Farewell, my child

Farewell, My Child: Chalmers, Ann: 9780952166177: Books


The relationship between parent and child is unique. The death of a baby or a child at whatever age leaves parents searching for meaning and wondering how they will ever live life again in the face of such pain and anguish, and families have often wanted to know how others have survived such a tragedy. Farewell My Child is a collection of stories about child bereavement written by bereaved families and has been produced by The Child Bereavement Charity, a charity which bases everything it does on learning from families.

Talking about death

Talking about Death: A Dialogue Between Parent and Child: Earl A. Grollman: 9780807023617: Books


Talking about Death is a classic guide for parents helping their children through the death of a loved one. With a helpful list of dos and don’ts, an illustrated read-along dialogue, and a guide to explaining death, Grollman provides sensitive and timely advice for families coping with loss. This redesigned and updated edition explains what children at different developmental stages can and can’t understand about death; reveals why it’s crucial to be honest about death; helps you understand the way children express emotions like denial, grief, crying, anger, and guilt; and discusses children’s reactions to different kinds of death, from the death of a parent to the death of a pet.

Grief in children

Grief in Young Children: A Handbook for Adults : Atle Dyregrov: Books


Grief in Young Children challenges this assumption, demonstrating that although young children may not express grief in the same way as older children, they still need to be supported through loss. Illustrated throughout with case examples, the author explores young children’s reactions to death and loss, both immediately after the event and over time. For example, young children may engage in ‘magic thinking’, believing that wishing that someone were dead can actually cause death, which leads to feelings of guilt. Full of practical advice on issues such as how to keep children in touch with their memories, answer their questions, allay their fears and explore their feelings through play, this accessible book enables adults to work with children to develop an acceptance of grief and an understanding of death and loss.

Hope beyond the headlines:  supporting a child bereaved through murder or manslaughter

Hope Beyond the Headlines – Supporting a child bereaved by homicide – Winston’s Wish (


This specialist book offers practical advice for families in the immediate days, weeks and months following a murder. It is written for both parents and professionals, giving them the confidence to involve children and young people in understanding and managing the particular difficulties and complexities that so often surround a death by murder or manslaughter. The booklet includes child-friendly activities to do with children or as a family to help them to make sense of what has happened and to begin to express their grief.

It's not your fault
The huge bag of worries

It’s not your fault, koko bear: a read-together book for parents and young children during divorce

It’s Not Your Fault, Koko Bear: A Read-Together Book for Parents and Young Children During Divorce (Lansky, Vicki) : Lansky, Vicki, Prince, Jane, Prince, Jane, Prince, Jan: Books

This easy-to-understand children’s story and parenting guide is intended for families where both parents plan to stay active and involved in their child’s life. “It’s Not Your Fault, KoKo Bear” revolves around a lovable bear who doesn’t want to have two homes. KoKo’s experience will help children learn what divorce means, how family life will change, and understand that the divorce is not their fault.  Age range 3-7 years.

The huge bag of worries

The Huge Bag of Worries: Ironside, Virginia, Rodgers, Frank: 9780340903179: Books

Wherever Jenny goes, her worries follow her – in a big blue bag. They are with her all the time – at school, at home, when she is watching TV and even in the bathroom! Jenny decides they have to go, but who will help her get rid of them?  A funny and reassuring look at dealing with worries and anxiety, to be used as a springboard into important conversations with your child.