Quotes from young people who have attended a Give us a break! group


I would recommend the GUAB group. The group really helped me to understand things. It takes out some of the anger and sadness. If you have lost someone, or don't see them much, just ask someone in school for help. It's not your fault if you are in a care home because your parents don't think they can cope very well. We should all be together as friends in the school (Megan, aged 15)


The group helped me to understand the feelings I had  (aged 13)


GUAB taught me to trust pals and other people (aged 12)


I liked the group sessions because if I am angry or stressed, I can trust the other Give us a break! members to tell them (aged 9)


Talking made me stronger (aged 10)


It helped me to calm down quicker and taught me good strategies to get along with my family (aged 11)


I feel free, I used to feel trapped in a cage but now feel free (aged 10)


I think it has helped because I don't think about my real mum and dad because I have a caring new mum and dad (aged 11)


I met new friends and it helped me with my work (aged 11)


To be more together as friends. It helped to take the stress away (aged 13)


It was fun. I met friends I used to not like and have built more confidence in getting my goals! (aged 11)