Bereavement books for children and young people

Changing families


Separation and divorice



Bereavement - Books for children and young people
(can be read with a parent)

Badger's parting gift
by Susan Varley
A book for primary school children to help them to come to terms with the death of someone they love.
ISBN: 9780006643173

Always and forever
by Alan Durant
A book for young children explaining death gently.
ISBN: 9780552548779

Still here with me
by Suzanne Sjöquist
A book for teenagers including a selection of personal stories about the death of a parent.
ISBN: 9781843105015

When someone very special dies: children can learn to cope with grief
by Marge Heegaard
A book for children helping children understand the concept of death and develop coping skills for life
ISBN: 9780962050206

I miss my sister
by Sarah Courtauld
A book for children aged 4-10 guiding the child through the different emotions they may encounter following the death of a sibling.
ISBN: 9780952155115

Someone I know has died
by Trish Phillips
An activity book for preschool and primary school children to help them understand what it means when someone dies and to explore their thoughts and feelings with an adult.
ISBN: 9780952166139

by Dianne Leutner
A memory keepsake book for bereaved children, aged 10 and under, for when someone special in their life has died.
ISBN: 9780952166184
Waterbugs and dragonflies: explaining death to young children
by Doris Stickney
A book for young children to help explain death
ISBN: 9780826464583

Finding a way through when someone close has died
by Pat Mood and Lesley Whittaker
A book for teenagers describing what it feels like and what you can do to help yourself - A workbook by young people for young people.
ISBN: 9781853029202

Straight talk about death for teenagers: How to cope with losing someone you love
by Earl Grollman
A book for teenagers, easy to read, talks about death, different types of feelings and the future.
ISBN: 9780807025017

Is Daddy coming back in a minute? Explaining sudden death to pre-school children in words they can understand
by Elke and Alex Barber
A book for pre-school children to explain sudden death
ISBN: 9780957474505

What Happened to Daddy's Body?
By Elke and Alex Barber
A book which explains cremation, burial and spreading ashes in words very young children can understand
ISBN: 9780957474512



Changing families

"How do I feel about" series
by Julie Johnson
Includes practical books for children to explore feelings about various changes. Books in this series include "my step family"; "my parent's divorce" and "our new baby".
ISBN: 9780862956332





The huge bag of worries
by Virginia Ironside and Frank Rodgers
A story book to teach children how to deal with their worries.
ISBN: 9781444902723
Children's experience of separation and loss: information for teachers
by Various
A book for teachers giving information about the different types of separation and loss and ideas to meet the child's needs.



Separation and Divorce

Dinosaurs Divorce
by Laurene Brown and Mark Brown
A book for children which introduces aspects of divorce such as its causes and effects, living with a single parent, spending holidays in two separate households, and adjusting to a stepparent.
ISBN: 9781412068673

It's not your fault, Koko Bear: a read-together book for parents and young children during divorce
By Vicki Lansky and Jane Prince
A story book exploring divorce feelings to support a child's adjustment. Age range - 3-7 years whose parents are divorcing.
ISBN: 9780916773748

Mum and Dad Glue
by Kes Gray and Emma Layfield
A story book for children that explores separation and love.
ISBN: 9780340957110

My mom and dad don't live together anymore: a drawing book for children of separated or divorced parents
by Judith Aaron Rubin
A drawing book for children to express their feelings, thoughts and experiences.
ISBN: 9781557988355


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