Q:  Who is Give us a break! for?
Young people of upper primary and secondary school age who have experienced any kind of difficult changes or loss in their lives that they are finding hard to cope with.


Q:  Who runs Give us a break! groups?
It can be run by healthcare staff, teachers, social workers, home school partnership workers, educational psychologists, and other staff who have been trained in the Give us a break! programme.  Groups are generally run by 2 trained adults who are called Facilitators.


Q:  Where will the groups be held?
The groups can be held in various locations throughout your local area. For example: school, library, community centre, church, universal connections, doctors surgery etc.


Q:  What happens in the programme?
A group of 3-6 young people will meet weekly for approximately one hour each session over 8 weeks. The young people within the group can either be from your own school or from other schools within your local area. Throughout the group sessions, young people have the opportunity to:

*Tell their story and speak about their feelings.

*Learn to understand the changes in their lives and how they feel about them.

*Gain support from other young people who have been through similar experiences.

*Take part in activities which use a 'solution focused' approach. This involves young people identifying their strengths and drawing upon these to help manage the changes that have happened to them. Goal setting is used to help young people move towards the future.


Q:  How will this help me?
The programme will help you to build on your strengths and what is going well for you to help you cope better with the things that aren’t going so well. You will have the opportunity to share your experiences and feelings with the others within the group and you will hear their stories too.


All information discussed within the group will remain confidential which means that no one will discuss it.


If, however, the facilitators have concerns for your safety or well-being, they may need to share this with other important adults in your life but they will talk to you first.


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