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Give us a break! - Information for parents and carers

Family break-up or divorce

Helping children and young people through bereavement and loss
Helping children and young people cope with trauma

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New publications

The team wish to highlight some additional resources to support children and families through difficult times.  ‘Is Daddy coming back in a minute? Explaining sudden death to pre-school children in words they can understand’ is a book written by Elke Barber and her son Alex. Alex’s dad died suddenly one day and when Elke looked online for resources to help explain what had happened to her young son, she was stuck by a lack of available resources. This prompted her to write her own book in the hope it would help others in similar positions.


In response to continued questions and curiosity from her son, Elke has since followed up the original publication with another book, titled, "What Happened to Daddy's Body?", which explains cremation, burial and spreading ashes in words very young children can understand. You can find out more information about Elke’s books at



The following publications are available from NHS Health Scotland. Please ask for them at your GP surgery or local library.

When someone dies...How to cope when someone near to you is gone
Family Break-ups
Talking about bereavement



The books in this section come under the following headings and are available from the Amazon and Kelvin Books websites


Bereavement - books for children and young people

Bereavement - books for parents

Separation and Divorce

Changing families



If you live within South Lanarkshire you can check the availability of the books by clicking on this link.


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Useful websites



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Family break-up/parental separation



Domestic abuse

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Traumatic bereavement



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