Locality Updates

As you may know, in South Lanarkshire we operate two systems for children and young people to access a GUAB group: within establishments and locality groups.  Within individual establishments there may be enough GUAB trained facilitators and enough young people to constitute a group that would work well together so groups run independently.  However, in some situations there may be only one young person in need of a group within an establishment and no GUAB trained facilitators to support them.  In circumstances such as these, please contact the GUAB team through your local Psychological Service who can help facilitate a ‘locality group’ by encouraging trained GUAB facilitators in the area to bring children from different schools/areas together to form a group. Our office numbers are as follows:


Hamilton Psychological Service – 01698 455800

East Kilbride Psychological Service – 01355 574121

Clydesdale Psychological Service – 01555 673249


All existing GUAB trained facilitators and newly trained facilitators will be invited to join our Yammer Glow page. This has been set up to encourage dialogue between facilitators in response to locality requests. So if you see an invite from the GUAB team, please join us for some discussion!


How to register a group

If you would like to register a group you are currently running, or a group that you have just finished, but not notified the Give us a break! team about, please complete the group registration form and return to a member of the GUAB team.


Locality Groups

To understand how locality groups work please check the following:

Locality Group Referral Process



More to come»