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Q: How can I get my child involved in Give us a break!?

If you have ongoing concerns for your child following a bereavement, loss or significant change in their lives, Give us a break! could help them cope better with the changes. If you think your child could benefit from a Give us a break! group programme or you would like any further information, please complete the ‘Contact us’ section found at the top right hand corner of the website.


Q: How long after the event/change is it appropriate for my child to attend the group?

The natural grieving process takes time and it is different for each person therefore enough time should be given for their grieving process to take place. Not every young person who experiences a bereavement, loss or negative change will require support like Give us a break!  However, if you have ongoing concerns for your child following these changes (e.g. behaviour, emotional, psychological etc, more information can be found on the Psychological Services bereavement and loss leaflet in the leaflet section on this website) then Give us a break! could help them.


 Q: How will Give us a break! help my child?

Give us a break! can help your child acknowledge how previous events are affecting them now and help them learn ways to cope with the changes in their lives. Give us a break! helps them to recognise their own and others’ strengths,  and has a focus on setting goals to make things better.


 Q: How can I support my child while they go through the programme?

Your child may want to speak to you about what happens within the group and what they are thinking about the big changes. It would also be beneficial for you to encourage your child to do the take home activities and complete the parent/carer evaluation questionnaire at the start and end of the programme.  For more information on how you can help your child, please read the Give us a break! Information for parents and carers leaflet.


 Q: What if my child needs further support after the group has finished?

If you feel your child requires further support after the group has finished, please speak to one of the group facilitators or find further information on the following websites: Winston’s Wish, CRUSE Bereavement Care and Child Bereavement Network.