The Give us a break! Team


Margaret Doonan - Clerical Assistant and Web Administrator, SLC

Natalie Duncan - Research Assistant, SLC

Paul McGill - Senior Educational Psychologist, SLC

Elaine Robertson - Educational Psychologist, SLC


Other members of the Give us a break! Steering Group

Olivia Borchulska, GUAB Ambassador

Elaine McTavish - Associate Macmillan Development Manager, Macmillan Cancer Support

Lynn Jamieson, Head Teacher, SLC Primary School

Hilary Kirby - Member of the Parent Council, SLC

Killian Lavery, GUAB Ambassador

Louise Lavery, GUAB Ambassador

Anne Murphy - GUAB Ambassador

Iain Nairn, Team Leader, Social Work Resources

Christopher Rinn - GUAB Ambassador

Richard Rinn - GUAB Ambassador

Tracy Stephen - Clinical Manager, CAMHS Primary Mental Health Team



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